My name is Andrew Millar, I am 37 years old and I live in Newcastle upon Tyne. I currently work as an IT Technician and Web Developer for Joseph Swan Academy in Gateshead.

I have been building websites for 17 years now, mostly for friends or schools. I have also been developing web applications for internal Academy use for the past 4 years. These web applications have progressed from single page PHP scripts to MVC applications created with the Symfony 2 framework. I would describe myself as a full stack developer as, due to me being the sole developer in the Academy, I need to have knowledge of both front and backend development.

In my personal life my hobbies include computer gaming, board games, live action roleplay and leatherwork. I started leatherwork as a means to make cheap armour for my first Larp event 11 years ago and have since spent a lot of my spare time learning to use all the different tools and techniques to make a variety of items. A portfolio of my leatherwork can be found below.


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Web Development

Web Technologies

Since starting to build websites I have used a number of different web development languages and programs. Those I have used recently and am confident with are:

Back End

  • PHP 5
  • MySQL
  • Symfony 2
  • Twig
  • Wordpress

Front End

  • HTML and CSS
  • Foundation 5 and Bootstrap
  • Sass and Compass
  • Javascript, Jquery and JQueryUI
  • Angular.js (Version 1.0.6)


  • Sublime Text and Notepad++
  • Photoshop and Illustrator
  • Koala (Sass)
  • GIT
  • Composer

I have also completed a number of modules from Treehouse, which is a video course provider. My profile showing the modules I have completed and the other technnologies I have looked at can be found at teamtreehouse.com/andrewmillar.